You blew it. You'll never see her ever again.


Octavia: …Well, I…*sniff*…I…


vinlylbot: and octy just ran to her bedroom while crying.  buck you, anon.  buck.  you.

…Is… is there anything I can do?

So, you decided to flee before you could become an alicorn, thus sparing you the humiliation of pole dancing. A cunning strategy.

Ugh, not this again.

The Empress kind of reminds me of you in diestrus. Is that an unfair assessment?

…not entirely.

Clearly the Changelings sent it.

Old asks without context.


You what?

Wow, Fluttershy, I sure have sent you a lot of these! What can I say? It's fun. Okay, what was your favorite truth and dare? And I dare you to pick a dare of your choice that you didn't do and do it. Or you can dare one of your friends, I guess. Uh, well, I gave you an easy question, so you don't have to do it at all, but... it's April 1st! You should go ahead and cut loose for a day, y'know? I know a lot of it seems mortifying, but in a way it should be fun for you too...

…these are all really old asks.

Fluttershy, do you ever miss the liberating feeling of aggressiveness that came from taking Iron Will's lessons too far? Also I dare you to track down Photo Finish and give her a huge wedgie, and also one other person of your choice--or two if you can't find Photo Finish before April Fool's is up.


No I do not.

Fluttershy, hypothetical question: if you didn't believe in waiting until marriage to have sex, if you were more casual and bold about this sort of thing like Cloudkicker (okay maybe not *that* casual) who out there would you like to bang but not enter into a relationship with? Or else I dare you to use your Flutterguy voice for the rest of today/tomorrow--today's almost over.

….mmmmrnm. Um. Ah.

Are… are you asking me who… who I’d consider physically attractive? Because, um…

…well… I, uh… I don’t actually, um, pay much attention to the body. It’s, uh, the mind and heart that gets me. I’m not very lustful.

Fluttershy, have you ever farted in public and blamed it on somepony else? I dare you to sing an embarrassing song in public.

No! No, I have not—why would you ask this?

Fluttershy, do you ever send anonymous messages to yourself, and which ones were they? Or else I dare you to call Rarity a taco to her face for the rest of the day.

I don’t remember.