TS Alright, First off, Espermon is a humanoid digimon, thank you very much. Second, the hat and cloak is standard attire for a wizard-type digimon. Third… please don't mention Trixie to me. She's become obsessed with defeating me in a magical dual "with no magical artifacts of any sort." Once, when she was facing a particularly powerful challenger, I heard hwr say, and I quote, "Only Twilight Sparkle may defeat the Great and Powerful Trixie! No others!" And then turn the tables completely.

Good Celestia this ask is old.

She’s totally a lemur though.

Angel Bunny, how's your lovelife going? Do you have a crush on anyone? I dare you to spend one day with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and help them try to get their cutie marks.

yure mokm

This one's for all four of you--I'm including Angel Bunny. If you were going to pull the prank of the century on your best friends, how would you go about doing it? Oh, but if telling me would ruin a prank you've set up, then I dare you four to play Russian Roulette with poison joke. Uh, ask Pinkie if you can use her party cannon or if she has a party revolver you can use or something. (I'd suggest bobbing for apples and one of them has poison joke in it but I think Applejack would be mad.)

All four of—is this from Fluttershy’s tumblr thing?

It would appear so.

GAH! Okay, hold on, who are you?!

I am Gryilldae. I assume you are Alula?


No, I’m Alula!

No, I’m Alula!

Stop mimicking me!

Stop mimicking me!

Discord, don’t confuse Alula.

You’re not my real mom!

whyt is tyhisx?

Hey Angel, something’s going on here.

Alula, do you ever secretly dream of being a Toku-style hero? Do you know anyone who does? Also I dare you to hide in the houses of ponies and jump out and shout "BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!" at them.

Wait, I just got my smart phone, why am I reviving this? And what the hay is a Toku?!

Gryllidae, have you ever sent anonymous questions to Fluttershy's Tumblr and what were they, or else I dare you to make ten Grilled Cheese jokes. Hm, do you think Grilled Cheese likes Grilled Cheese jokes? Forest Melody doesn't seem to think so. I guess she'd know.


Tell me Discord, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to speak with him. Or eat shoe polish tin and all, I guess.

Gandalf… Gandalf….

Oh, do you mean that black bird that always pesters Rainbow when she’s putting clouds up for a storm? I don’t know where he hangs out. I’ll go ask Fluttershy.

test 42



Joy: I’m ready.

Luna Dreamguard: I love you, Joy. No matter what happens, I love you.

Joy: and I love you, through it all.

**Load Test42**

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I would just like to state here that I would probably never demand a death sentence. Genocide is horrible, yes. Killing somepony that committed genocide, though, isn’t… well, it would get rid of the problem, but it wouldn’t… be… enough.


I would prefer to… I don’t know, have the criminal feel every death they caused. Somehow. Then force them into rehabilitative services until they regain sanity, and then put them through jail time for however long it takes to fix or neutralize the damage. And then, let them go. Of course, this all assumes such an act can be accomplished, which for most ponies is impossible, but we are talking about an ageless alicorn.

This is all purely theoretical though.


Send your embarassing cosplay ideas to @dungeonmasterbonbon and she’ll wear them! Whether she wants to or not!

I’m rather perturbed that Lyra has a set of fake hands and human teats, but what really disturbs me is that position Bonbon has twisted herself into…

Behold! The WEAK FORCE!, yelled Professor Science as he held the world to ransom with his Quantum Gauntlets.


Joy: Is this one of those “fuck context” things?

JOY! I thought I taught you better than that! We do not swear, young missy.

You blew it. You'll never see her ever again.


Octavia: …Well, I…*sniff*…I…


vinlylbot: and octy just ran to her bedroom while crying.  buck you, anon.  buck.  you.

…Is… is there anything I can do?